Mission Product Update

Every individual publisher should accept tips, not just live performers.

It’s an amazing time we live in. Everyone can be an author, nature photographer, political commentator and music video star. A playful emu video can go viral on Twitter and earn you the ‘hearts’ of hundreds of thousands of adoring, if temporary, fans.

Of course, with any individual publisher now in charge of her own mini HarperCollins agency, there are a multitude of entities eager and willing to capitalize on and monetize that creativity. If you happen to be in the top 3% of YouTube channels, you might share in some of the ad revenue, and of course if you’re an #influencer you can grab some product placement cash on Instagram, but for the vast majority of creators, someone else reaps the benefit.

Congrats, your hysterical tweet about Boris Johnson was viewed over 10M times. Twitter thanks you for feeding their ad engine. Even worse, some sucker fish like Buzzfeed or Mashable might do you the honor of wrapping your tweet in a story about how it went viral. And they’ll be happy to pocket the click-bait ad revenue it drives.

So what’s the average 21st century Mark Twain to do? If you walk by a street performer who is jamming away on the pan flute (where is Zamfir these days?), you might drop a buck or two into their awaiting hat (the pan flute case is too small to collect all the benjamins). It’s second nature and accepted. If you got some joy out of the experience, however short-lived, you thank that person with some cash.

The same should be entirely true for performance on the web. And it is true for streaming services like Twitch. People tip top gamers (and other streamers) to thank them for the entertainment. But not everyone is live streaming. Plenty of creators are uploading content directly to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and providing no mechanism for their fans to say ‘thanks’, even if those platforms are starting to play with tipping services.

Enter https://tiptonight.com. The simplest tipping app in the universe. TipTonight is designed to give any creator a dead easy tip page in < 60 seconds. Fans can tip with any payment mechanism (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card). With one link, creators can say ‘hey – if you like what I did and it gave you some pleasure, you can thank me here’. One link to use anywhere, online or offline (because sometimes you want to reward Zamfir but you forgot your wallet).

TipTonight – Tip with URL, QR Code or TipCode

So if you are a creator or performer or know anyone who is, online or offline, learn more about how easy we’ve made it at TipTonight to take back control of who benefits from the labors of creators. Buzzfeed doesn’t deserve you. You deserve you.

If you find something online and wish you could say thanks, point them to https://tiptonight.com/signup and in seconds they can have a page where you can give your kudos.

For now, enjoy some Zamfir. He is, after all, master of the pan flute.

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