Product Update

Event Tipping – Payge is the simplest way to let your fans support you when you’re rocking the stage.

We’re excited to announce that Event Tipping from Payge is now ready for prime time. We don’t mean that in the ‘network television’ sense as Events on Payge are designed to get you support no matter what, where and when you’re performing.

Payge Events let individuals or groups of performers easily receive tips before, during and after a specific performance. A few hours before the event tipping will become available, like this:

Then, during your event we enable a ‘tip takeover’ experience that makes it as simple as a few clicks for fans to reward your performance with Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit card.

As the creator of an event, you can add any number of other Payge creators and decide if you want to accept group tips (which you can later split up as you see fit) or just let fans tip individual performers. When you’re ready to split up the tips, it looks like this.

Ready to give it a whirl? You can create events from our events home page. Every event has a simple sharing function to pull down a QR code you can print out and put next to your tip bucket. We also redirect to the list of live events. Events go live a few hours before their actual start time and then stay live for about 6 hours.

Need more info? Help articles here.

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