Mister, can you spare a dime? Actually, make it a buck. It’s not 1950.

Life’s ladder is so hard to climb
So won’t you spare a moment of your time
I’ll do a dance, sing you a rhyme
And say, ‘Hey mister, can you spare a dime?’


We’re not suggesting the creators on Payge are drinking cheap wine out of a box while trolling the streets of New York City (which isn’t to say we are condemning that either….it’s a big world).

Nor are we suggesting the creators on Payge are struggling to climb the ladder of life. We all climb different ladders, and the struggle for achievement is personal. Except for firefighters. They climb ladder trucks and the struggle for achievement is about putting out the fire.

But we do like the tie in to ‘I’ll do a dance, sing you a rhyme’. It means the singer is a creator. He’ll perform. It’s a transaction. It’s creative value for compensation and reward. His dance, and the smile it brings to the giver’s face. The consumer’s dime, and whatever use the creator makes of it. Food. Booze. Some new dancing shoes. What’s it to the person who enjoyed the experience?

The Internet has given us everything, at our fingertips, largely for free. And if not intentionally for free, easy to steal. It’s created an unbelievable wealth of information, easily shared and democratized. But it’s also put the screws to creators of all types. As this article shows, platforms like YouTube can be a microphone for many, but the chips are stacked against the small creators. They aren’t sharing in the pie.

Fundamentally, this is why we created Payge. To help creators of all types who are sharing their content on all platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – be thanked and rewarded by their authentic fans. When a viewer sees something that entertains, educates or inspires, we want them to be able to spare that dime. Know a creator who’s given you some value recently? Ask them to get on Payge and show them you care.

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