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Your Authentic Fans: Turn Followers Into Favorites on Payge

It can be a tough world out there for creators who are making original, entertaining, inspiring or educational content. You bust your hump creating something fresh and impactful, only to immediately lose control when you send it out into the world of online publishing. Social algorithms determine who sees your post in their feed. Instagram is plagued by bots. Twitter is a non-stop river of politics and blather.

We want to see you connect with your deepest, truest fans. The people who consider you one of their favorite creators. Who enjoy everything you do. Who might even provide the tough feedback when you need it. Let’s call them your Authentic Fans.

Maybe you have hundreds of Facebook Friends, even more Twitter and Instagram Followers and a slew of Text, WhatsApp and SnapChat connections. Within that set are your Authentic Fans. Payge helps you identify and convert those Authentic Fans to supporters. It’s simple:

Make sure you claim your personalized Payge Link. Go to ‘Edit Profile‘ and look for Payge Link like you see below.

Claim your individual Payge Link under Edit Profile

Invite them to Favorite you on Payge. Simply share your Payge Link on social media, in email, in your bios and with your friends directly. Say “Hey – if you love my creativity and art, go to my Payge and click ‘Add To Favorites“. You can see it on a Payge profile below.

Then, every time you add a new piece of creative content to Payge, we make sure to tell all the folks who have added you as a Favorite – those Authentic Fans – to check it out and support you. Of course you should share as well (and will get prompted to do so as soon as you uploaded content), but our goal is to do some of the heavy lifting!

It’s that simple! The first step is to begin driving your broad followers to become Authentic Fans by favoriting you.

Get started on Payge today.

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