What we’re building to at Payge: unique ways for creators to receive support.

We’re pretty explicit about our mission at Payge. We think creators of all types – comedians, artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers and performers – deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their creative contributions. We’re not big fans of social networks turning others’ creativity into their ad revenue. We want to give fans the opportunity to interact and say thanks directly.

There are a few platforms for recurring, membership-based creative sponsorship. Patreon is the 800 lb gorilla, but existing platforms like Facebook are starting to sniff around the edges. In those models, creators who are committed to building their membership business through recurring, episodic and tier-based offerings enable their strongest fans to support them monthly or each time a new ‘release’ happens (for instance each new chapter in a book or new podcast).

We see recurring sponsorship as just the tip of the iceberg in how fans want to support and encourage creators. At Payge, we’re going to continue to explore those edges, including:

  • ‘In The Moment’ Reward – From tipping at a live show or event to a quick ‘thanks’ for a specific piece of content, we’re enabling that same sense of feel good experience you get when you drop a buck into the guitarist’s case in the subway.
  • Request-Based – Like screaming ‘play some Skynard’ at a cover band, it’s fun to participate in the creative experience. Individuals and groups of fans can combine to request art from creators they love….voting with cash to drive what’s next.
  • Interactive – Creators can engage fans in the process by letting them vote and influence the path forward.
  • Groups and Communities – We recognize that creators often come together to perform, to support each other and to advocate for their art. Letting fans align their support with those same groups increases opportunities
  • Challenges and Competitions – Sometimes it’s fun to bring groups of creators together and let fans play along.

We’ll continue to innovate on Payge. In the meantime, if you’re a creator, what are you waiting for?

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