The power of telling your creative story with video.

It’s a feature…not a bug. Today, Payge enables creators to upload, share and receive support for anything, using video. While we’ve got other content types on our roadmap, we started with video for a few reasons:

  • It’s the most shared and engaged with content type. Eyes are drawn to movement, whether it’s a lion stalking you in the Serengeti or someone pouring a milkshake over their head. That means as users scroll through their endless social feeds, video catches the eye.
  • Video enables creative story-telling in a way that a single picture or block of text can’t. That’s why people go to the movies. That and the popcorn.
  • Everyone has a video recorder on them all the time. You can grab a video and upload it to Payge whenever the moment or mood strikes. And for fans that have favorited you, that’s more often than you might expect.

So how do you make the most of video on Payge to drive thanks and reward from your fans? Here are some tips you can literally take to the bank.

  1. No matter what type of creator you are – artist, musician, comedian, performer, writer, poet, filmmaker, animator, designer – you can and should use video to tell your story and why you deserve support. Drawing a cartoon? Share a video about the process, your inspiration and why hands are so hard to make look realistic. Writing a blog about parenting? Talk about why you’re not planning on having a third kid.
  2. Upload your video socially. Native video gets action on Facebook and other social platforms. BUT – You have to drive your fans back to your Payge, which you can do from wherever you’re posting. Link back to your Payge, another / associated video in a series, or the video itself saying ‘if you like this, support me here’. Get views. Get support.
  3. Consider captioning your video. There are plenty of services you can use and lots of folks have their phones muted so they don’t get caught browsing the internet when they’re supposed to be filing a TPS report.

So login today, upload a video, share it (you’ll be prompted – it’s that easy – see the video below) and let Payge help you get the support you deserve.

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