Asking for creative support – Our job. Your job. And how to make it easier.

So you’re a creator. An artist, musician, comedian, performer, writer, poet, filmmaker, animator, designer….you name it. Being a creator likely isn’t a full-time job for you, meaning you’re not taking home a regular paycheck (and if you are, congratulations!), but that doesn’t mean it’s not work. It’s labor. And with any work there is an exchange of value.

This is where Payge comes in. We believe in the value of creative art, and the value received by those who consume it. We want to make it possible for your fans to easily say ‘thank you’, to reward and recognize your efforts beyond a simple ‘Like’ or ‘Share’. We want to give you a platform where your creativity isn’t just further lining the pockets of social media platforms who monetize your efforts via ads. We want you to receive creative support, and we know fans want to provide it.

But it takes two to tango. So here’s how we think Payge can help, and ways we see successful creators leveraging Payge to be successful.

Our Job at Payge – Our mantra is, wherever possible, to ‘do the work for the creator’. That guides our product roadmap, so over time you’ll see an ever-increasing set of tools that achieve that goal. Today, at Payge you’ll see that we:

  1. Give you a single destination (your personal Payge) where you can describe what you’re creating, what you do with the support you receive, connect your existing social channels and upload creative content in the form of video (today). This could be the actual creativity (e.g. – sketch comedy, a new song, an inspirational narrative) or story-telling around it.
  2. Emphasize core calls-to-action on that Payge. Watch You. Support You. Favorite You.
  3. Provide a very simple transaction flow and a digital good (called LIFTS) that enable your fans to support you at any level – from a few cents to a handful of bucks. Fans can tip you as an individual or say thanks for an individual bit of content.
  4. Proactively prompt your fans who’ve watched more than 3 of your videos to support you with LIFTS.
  5. Connect creators to each other through favorites, allowing fans to easily discover other creators based on who they already know.
  6. Provide an activity stream so that fans who favorite you immediately see what’s fresh and new from the creators they love.

As noted, this is just the start. We’re rolling out features very rapidly, so be sure to Follow us on Facebook to stay in the know.

Your Job as Creator – While we want to do as much work for you as we can, it starts with you. For Payge to help you get supported, we need you to:

  1. Create a rich Payge profile and then ADD A LINK TO IT to all your existing social profiles. Link to it from your Twitter and IG profiles. Emphasize ‘if you like what I’m doing, support me here.’ You have to ask.
  2. Add new content regularly. It’s easy. If you’re sharing a video on IG, TW or FB to get some likes and shares, why not add it to Payge and then simply link to it in the comments. Say ‘Like this, support it here. If you want to see more, check our my Payge.’ Consistency matters. Your fans want to hear from you.
  3. Find creators YOU like and advocate on their behalf. This isn’t a ‘like for like’ social scheme. Say ‘Hey – if you enjoy my ____, you will likely enjoy this person as well. Check them out and give them some support.’ A lot of creators are more comfortable promoting their friends or community than they are themselves. So share the love!
  4. Thank fans who do support you. Recognize them socially and link to your Payge.

FINALLY – We can’t say it enough. Don’t be afraid to ask for support. You deserve it!

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