Be a creator. The universe wants it. Even though it’s hard.

Creating is hard. Any writer, comedian, artist, filmmaker, designer, musician, and performer knows that inspiration can be fleeting. The mood doesn’t always strike you. Part time but passionate creators – creators who have other jobs and families and slowly growing mid-sections to be addressed at the Gold’s Gym – know that it can be exhausting to consistently produce…..something.

But it’s important. At some point nearly every human feels the pull to create something. A piece of art. That book they know exists in their soul. A poem. A movie. A cartoon worthy of Gary Larson. Or Gary Busey.

If you’ve read The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, you might remember a reference to ‘The Universal Will To Become’ or UWTB. It powers a spaceship, and is referred to as a prime mover that makes matter and organization appear out of nothingness, starting with the Universe itself.

What is creation but a conduit for becoming? It is new organization. Organization of matter. Organization of thought. Organization of dreams and emotions and reality, and of course future reality. Creation is a vehicle for the UWTB.

So…..create. The universe wants it, whether you see that in the UWTB, the majesty of creation all around you, or the small pull of your own soul.

Payge will be there for you, helping you feel rewarded and supported for the creation you add to the collective whole. We can’t necessarily make it less hard. We can’t provide you with the inspiration you need to turn on the camera or pick up the paintbrush. But we want to play a part in letting your friends, fans and followers help give you that motivation when you need it most.

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