Creating Payge – from a comedy mobile app to a platform for all creators, here’s how Payge has evolved.

Last year, we launched a mobile app called Laugh Exchange with a vision of bringing the best creators of comedy – stand ups, sketch artists, animators – directly to their fans.

The app consisted of a curated show format where we set a topic and encouraged creators to submit new and existing humorous content. With an eye to diversity and originality, we chose a subset of finalists, put them in a short and fun show to watch, and encouraged our viewers to vote for their favorites.

It was fun and there were a lot of laughs, but ultimately we had a different destination and a different future in mind.

Most specifically, we wanted to go beyond just comedians to any creator. Every comedian, artist, filmmaker, musician, designer, writer and performer. And we wanted to provide a platform to allow those creators to receive thanks and reward from their followers, fans and friends.

We are building Payge based on some capabilities and beliefs that we think are unique for our the creators in our ecosystem:

  1. We think creators should continue to share and give their creations freely, with the goal of touching as many eyeballs as possible. That means creators should continue to share across existing platforms, especially where they already have fans, followers, subscribers and viewers.
  2. Since they are sharing everywhere, those creators should have a single destination where appreciative consumers can say ‘thanks’. That’s the core of Payge. A canonical destination for creative support – across profiles, content, playlists and events.
  3. We think the manner in which a given fan or friend might want to support a creator can and should vary. Payge will support simple tips (like putting a buck into the street performer’s hat), recurring sponsorship, group support, and more interactive talent:fan engagement like voting and requests that encourage deeper participation for everyone.
  4. We think creators should band together for mutual support, to perform as groups and advocate for their respective communities. In fact it’s often easier to advocate in that manner…..to ask for support for your peers, not yourself. We want to make that simple.

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