What we stand for at Payge. Some notes on purpose, intent and mission.

Welcome to Payge. We are a community of creators and the fans who love them. As a team, we made Payge because we share a core set of beliefs. Those beliefs are:

  • We recognize and respect anyone who is willing to put their time, energy and heart into a creation that entertains, educates or inspires. This includes every comedian, artist, filmmaker, musician, designer, writer and performer.
  • For every creation – a video, a blog post, a song, a performance, a podcast, a picture, a cartoon – there is a creative story to be told. We want to help creators tell their story and share their art. Most importantly, we want to help those creators be thanked and rewarded for it.
  • We honor the power of giving this creation freely. Of sharing it with the world without expectation of return. Not everything is a generational defining work of art. But everything is additive to the art of the human race. It all matters.
  • We believe in the power of thanks. Of thanking creators for their contributions, especially if it’s something that moves us to think, to tears, or to laughter.
  • We believe that thanks can and should take many forms, and that the small act of supporting someone monetarily is one of the most powerful ways to say ‘I appreciate what you’re doing, how you’re contributing, and I want you to keep doing it.’
  • Our goal is to make that expression of thanks easy, enjoyable and interactive. Through this, we hope to encourage more creators and more fans to participate; to everyone’s benefit.

That’s what we stand for and that’s why we made Payge. We invite every creator and fan of creators to join us at https://mypayge.com. We’re just getting started.

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